Peter Rabbit and Friends Birthday Cake

I really enjoyed creating this cake…….it’s an 8” polystyrene dummy for display purposes of course. Would love to make this for real, hopefully soon. Anyhow what child doesn’t know of Peter Rabbit and his friends come to think of it what adult hasn’t heard of Peter Rabbit 🐰 he’s been around since 1902 first publication by the author Beatrice Potter…..(Yes did have to google to check the date) getting sidetracked again back to the cake.

I covered the cake (dummy) with a green fondant (sugarpaste) and around the sides made some hills in different shades of green. With some chocolate brown modelling paste……smells amazing bye the way lol….I made some fencing and a gate back and front of the cake. (Don’t believe in doing things by half) I then added stems leaves and flowers in various colour’s and placed around the sides of the cake again all around!

That done I moved on to Peter Rabbit in 3d, starting with the body I used a mixture of chocolate brown fondant and ivory fondant to lighten the colour a little, taking a small amount to lighten a little more for his tummy. Some baby blue fondant for his jacket, a small amount of white for his cheeks, eyes and his tail. For his whiskers I used some white floral wire (probably should have used black but didn’t have any at the time) I could have painted the whiskers black but decided to leave them as white.

Lily Bobtail I did a mixture of grey and white for her body, red and pink for her dress, hairband and cardigan. For Benjamin chocolate brown fondant with a little orange mixed in for his body (I know what your thinking you can’t see his body) as his body was too big at full size for the cake I had the idea to have him pop up out of a rabbit hole. I loved his hat, I’d purchased a new mould which arrived a few days earlier it was perfect as it was a knitted texture just made for his hat with the little red woollen tassel to finish! For the soil around the rabbit hole I pushed some soft chocolate fondant through a sieve and used the scrapings around the hole to make it look like Benjamin had just pushed up and out!

The vegetables just brought it all together, carrots, cauliflower, cabbage, lettuce, tomatoes strawberries, peas in a pod and a pumpkin! That just left the lettering which I decided on yellow which I think works well. I used some clear gel spray to coat and seal the cake (2 coats) waiting between coats to dry! Job done! One to my next project!

Thought I’d show the back view! Hope you like it!

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