Ivory Lace and Roses Rustic Wedding Cake

Three tiered ivory lace and roses rustic themed wedding cake
Three tiered ivory lace and roses rustic themed wedding cake

This is a three tier wedding cake for display purposes. I covered three polystyrene dummy cakes with ivory couture fondant. I used a 12” base board a 10” base square dummy 8” square dummy and a 6” square dummy for the top.

For the edible lace I chose two different patterns that had some similarities and would compliment each other, I was happy with the result.

The roses were a mix of white flower paste and ivory couture fondant, my favourite flower and my favourite to create on any cake. I keep striving for them to turn out as life like as my skills will allow. I’m sure that’s not just me, majority if not all caker’s would tell you the same…..back to the roses and their leaves for creating both I used moulds from the Katy Sue Designs which I have been using for some time now…..I absolutely love them they make life much easier all round……well we all need a little help some times!

That brings me to the bark effect on the base tier and separator, I used a mould for this too……sorry not Katy Sue Designs but not bad at all I was very impressed how easy this was. Once it was dry I brushed some edible dusting powder into the crevices……amazing what a difference it can make.

I arranged the roses and leaves on the top tier and two front corner’s of the base tier with some gypsophilia to finish.

I gave the whole cake a spray with edible clear gel let it dry then repeated one more time……and that was my cake finished! Sorry I forgot to say I added some trim around the board……and now it’s finished! Hope you like it!

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