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This cake was a second order for the same customer. Straight forward really they wanted a Liverpool football shirt cake similar to the one I had made last year for another customer. It was the new shirt so this was slightly different and the cake pan (which I hired from Norma Linton at Cameo Cake Craft in Birkenhead) was different as the one I’d used before was out on hire. It worked out fine actually and I was really pleased with the overall look being not a complete copy of the previous one.

The cake itself was vanilla sponge with jam and buttercream filling (tried and tested no problems) just realised I’ve stopped calling it Victoria sponge but don’t know when or why……could be Victoria when it’s filled with fresh cream and strawberries maybe…..who knows? I digress…….back to my cake!

So the cake has been baked, cooled and sliced and is ready for the filling. When I make shirt cakes (lol this is only my second) I usually do just the two layers. Filling with the buttercream over the jam. Traditionally it’s raspberry jam but for years I’ve used strawberry, sometimes I ask if the customer has a preference but majority don’t mind either way. That said I have taken to using raspberry more often than I used too. It’s good to have options…..even just for jam!

Once the shirt….or cake has been filled and then the crumb coat layer of buttercream applied I chill the cake before applying another coat. How long is up to you but you want the cake to be firm enough to apply the fondant (sugarpaste) once you’ve smoothed out any lumps and bumps. Tip 1…I wrap my cakes in cling film before placing in the fridge or freezer for chilling. Tip 2…..After the chilling process I remove the cling film place greaseproof paper over the cake and using a smoother I smooth out any uneven parts of the cake. Although this works better on regular shaped cakes especially round ones.

Once you’ve reached the next step, applying the fondant (making sure you’ve given it a good knead) you’ve rolled out make sure to apply some cooled boiled water with a pastry brush or similar to your cake to make the buttercream slightly sticky. This will allow the fondant to adhere to your cake. Smooth over the fondant using your smoother tool till you’ve attached the fondant to your shirt cake…..not easy I know with this shape but practice makes perfect as they say….or is it trial and error?

If you’ve managed this stage, the best is still to come! My favourite bit the creative bit…..Just realised how late it is and the clocks go forward soon so we loose an hour will have to resume tomorrow…..or is that today lol!

Back from Mother’s Day Meal with the family and to resume where I left off yesterday…….or today at 1.45am…….Just had to read back to see where I was up to lol….my favourite bit…..the creative bit……..

I forgot to mention the colour of the fondant I had to darken as I had ordered red for the Liverpool shirt I did previously and hadn’t realised the shirt had been changed to a sort of burgundy or cherry. So I happened to have a small amount of ruby red and mixed this with the crimson red. This seemed to work and just had enough for the shirt and scarf. I cut out the collar shape and applied to the neck area. I used a stitching tool to add stitch work detail. For the lettering and white piping detail around the collar and shoulders I used my number moulds and white gumpaste. The logo’s I had printed at Cameo Cake Craft in Birkenhead and just trimmed and applied to the shirt cake.

Lastly I cut a long strip of the red paste and cut some white strips to make the scarf and added the fringe bit at the ends. Finally adding the lettering to the scarf to complete the Liverpool Football Shirt Cake! Hope you’ve enjoyed this blog, and like my cake of course!

Please see image below for my first Liverpool Football Shirt Cake 2018

Liverpool Football Shirt Cake 2018
Liverpool Football Shirt Cake 2018

I really enjoyed creating this cake…….it’s an 8” polystyrene dummy for display purposes of course. Would love to make this for real, hopefully soon. Anyhow what child doesn’t know of Peter Rabbit and his friends come to think of it what adult hasn’t heard of Peter Rabbit 🐰 he’s been around since 1902 first publication by the author Beatrice Potter…..(Yes did have to google to check the date) getting sidetracked again back to the cake.

I covered the cake (dummy) with a green fondant (sugarpaste) and around the sides made some hills in different shades of green. With some chocolate brown modelling paste……smells amazing bye the way lol….I made some fencing and a gate back and front of the cake. (Don’t believe in doing things by half) I then added stems leaves and flowers in various colour’s and placed around the sides of the cake again all around!

That done I moved on to Peter Rabbit in 3d, starting with the body I used a mixture of chocolate brown fondant and ivory fondant to lighten the colour a little, taking a small amount to lighten a little more for his tummy. Some baby blue fondant for his jacket, a small amount of white for his cheeks, eyes and his tail. For his whiskers I used some white floral wire (probably should have used black but didn’t have any at the time) I could have painted the whiskers black but decided to leave them as white.

Lily Bobtail I did a mixture of grey and white for her body, red and pink for her dress, hairband and cardigan. For Benjamin chocolate brown fondant with a little orange mixed in for his body (I know what your thinking you can’t see his body) as his body was too big at full size for the cake I had the idea to have him pop up out of a rabbit hole. I loved his hat, I’d purchased a new mould which arrived a few days earlier it was perfect as it was a knitted texture just made for his hat with the little red woollen tassel to finish! For the soil around the rabbit hole I pushed some soft chocolate fondant through a sieve and used the scrapings around the hole to make it look like Benjamin had just pushed up and out!

The vegetables just brought it all together, carrots, cauliflower, cabbage, lettuce, tomatoes strawberries, peas in a pod and a pumpkin! That just left the lettering which I decided on yellow which I think works well. I used some clear gel spray to coat and seal the cake (2 coats) waiting between coats to dry! Job done! One to my next project!

Thought I’d show the back view! Hope you like it!

Three tiered ivory lace and roses rustic themed wedding cake
Three tiered ivory lace and roses rustic themed wedding cake

This is a three tier wedding cake for display purposes. I covered three polystyrene dummy cakes with ivory couture fondant. I used a 12” base board a 10” base square dummy 8” square dummy and a 6” square dummy for the top.

For the edible lace I chose two different patterns that had some similarities and would compliment each other, I was happy with the result.

The roses were a mix of white flower paste and ivory couture fondant, my favourite flower and my favourite to create on any cake. I keep striving for them to turn out as life like as my skills will allow. I’m sure that’s not just me, majority if not all caker’s would tell you the same…..back to the roses and their leaves for creating both I used moulds from the Katy Sue Designs which I have been using for some time now…..I absolutely love them they make life much easier all round……well we all need a little help some times!

That brings me to the bark effect on the base tier and separator, I used a mould for this too……sorry not Katy Sue Designs but not bad at all I was very impressed how easy this was. Once it was dry I brushed some edible dusting powder into the crevices……amazing what a difference it can make.

I arranged the roses and leaves on the top tier and two front corner’s of the base tier with some gypsophilia to finish.

I gave the whole cake a spray with edible clear gel let it dry then repeated one more time……and that was my cake finished! Sorry I forgot to say I added some trim around the board……and now it’s finished! Hope you like it!


Welcome to my new website!